By Bus
From La Serena, take the bus from the bus terminal (Via Elqui) or from the "plaza de Abasto" (Via Elqui or Sol de Elqui) to Pisco Elqui. The buses pass Paihuano, Montegrande and finally reach Pisco Elqui. Only very few buses continue to Horcón (3 times a day). There are no buses at night; the last bus leaves La Serena at 20.00 hrs and from Pisco Elqui the last bus also leaves at 20.00 hrs. The price is about 3.000 CLP till Pisco Elqui. Buses go every 20 minutes aprox.
Estimated time from La Serena: 2,5 hours.
You can also take a colectivo (shared taxi) in La Serena (Calle Domeyko) until Vicuña (abt. CLP 2.000). From Vicuña you can take any bus going up to Pisco Elqui.

By plane
The airport of La Serena is located exactly on the road to Pisco Elqui. You can take a bus (just wait opposite the airport, the buses will stop if you hail them. Attention: the last bus leaves La Serena city at 20.00 hrs, so it will pass the airport about 10 minutes later. There is no public transportation after that!
If you want to go directly from the airport to your hotel/hostal in Pisco Elqui, please ask for transfers. The agencies also offer transfers.
You can also rent a car at the airport.

By car
Take the "ruta 5" (Panamericana) until La Serena. In La Serena follow the "ruta 41" direction "Valle de Elqui" or "Airport".
The road will pass Vicuña. Then, abt. 12 kms after Vicuña your reach the village of Rivadavia. Shortly after Rivadavia turn right towards Alcohuaz, Pisco Elqui, Paihuano (there are signs).
This road will take you directly to Paihuano, Montegrande, Pisco Elqui, Horcón or Alcohuaz. To reach Cochiguaz, you have to turn left shortly after Montegrande (20 kms from Montegrande to Cochiguaz).
.Estimated time till Pisco Elqui from La Serena: abt. 1,5 hours. Last gas station is in Rivadavia.

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