Elqui Terapias transformed into a place of many who are waking up their conscience and who are commiting themselves towards their physical, emotional, energetical and mental sanity.
They do so by synchronizing the universal and internal energy, by waking the ancient memory, activating energetic transmutation and trusting in the evolutionary teaching of the Self and the therapeutic attitudes of the magical Elqui Valley.

Elqui Terapias offers you a space to relax and self-sanation by integrating eastern, traditional and complimentary therapeutic services. The goal is the recuperation of a sane state of body, energy, emotion and spirit for all of our visitors who have the courage to travel towards their Superior Self.

Elqui Terapias offers the following services:

  • Therapy Simultaneous for 2 People
  • Individual massages (Relax, Anti-Stress, Pain Relieve, Pregnant Women, Kids)
  • Acupunture and Chinese Medicine
  • Reiki and Gemotherapy
  • Consultation of Integral Nutrition
  • Integral Diagnosis (physical, emotional, energetical)

The rate for all our services and treatments is CLP 25.000 per hour.

Nutrition consultation rate is CLP 35.000 per hour.


Pisco Elqui
Calle Baquedano No. 7

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Cell: ++56 9 9578 6115

mail: centroelquiterapias@gmail.com

web: www.elquiterapias.com

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